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Reactoonz 2 Slot Machine

Reactoonz 2 Slot Machine

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Reactoonz 2 Slot Machine
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In this Reactoonz 2 Slot Review, we’ll explore the game exciting features and how to play and offer tips to enhance your gaming experience. Whether you’re new to slots or a seasoned player, this guide will provide valuable insights into one of the most favourite casino games.

Overview of Reactoonz 2 Slot Machine

Overview of Reactoonz 2 Slot Machine

Reactoonz 2 is the highly anticipated sequel to Play’n GO successful grid slot game. With an added collection meter and rearranged modifiers, it offers new features and gameplay compared to its predecessor. The game now has 7 reels and 7 rows, with a minimum bet of 0.20 and a maximum bet of 100. Players can win up to 5083x their bet amount.

Play’n GO:

“These out-of-this-world grid slots are filled with everything from Charge Meters to Mega Symbols and a whole bundle of electrifying rewards.”

96.20% RTP High volatility game with classic symbols and cascading slots. Win by getting 5 identical Reactoonz in a cluster on a grid. In Reactoonz 2, there are two new wilds, Electric Wild and Energoon Wild, as well as four different kinds of wilds to collect by filling the Fluctometer and Quantumeter meters.

A lot to take in right? Let’s break it all down for you in the rest of this Reactoonz 2 Slot Review.

How to Play Reactoonz 2 Slot?

The game rules of the Reactoonz 2 Slot Machine are very simple. All you have to do is bet and press the Start button. You get rewarded if there are several identical symbols on at least one active line. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Increase and decrease your bets with the help of the Quick Betting Panel.
  • Once the bets are set, hit Spin to get the reels to a flying start.
  • Autoplay will let you choose the number of automated spins with no interruptions and get the reels in motion for the number of chosen spins.

Check out the payout table to see which symbols will bring you the biggest winnings.

Tips on maximizing your chances of winning

  • The Reactoonz 2 slot is all about winning clusters that bring electric wilds into play. The wilds charge the Quantumeter, which has 4 levels. This then gives you Gargantoon wilds, which can be up to 3×3 in size. If you reach level 4 (overcharge), a 2x multiplier is applied.
  • A few spins in Reactoonz 2 slot demo mode are recommended. You will soon see it’s quite a simple slot game. The bigger wins will come when you reach levels 3 and 4 in the Quantumeter, especially with the 2x multiplier. The Cascading feature can lead to many consecutive spins, which can quickly mount up to wins of 3,000x stakes per spin.
  • To win big, you need plenty of consecutive winning clusters, and the electric wild need to zap symbols that charge the Quantumeter. Reaching the higher levels will bring the Energoon wilds into play, which can lead to doubled payouts.

Bonuses and Special Features of Reactoonz 2 Slot

Bonuses and Special Features of Reactoonz 2 Slot

Reactoonz 2, an online slot machine by Play’n GO, offers an engaging and dynamic gaming experience with unique promotions and features to enhance gameplay and increase winning potential.

Free Spins

Reactoonz 2 does not feature a conventional free spins round. Instead, it focuses on re-spin mechanics triggered by specific icon combinations and cascading wins. Each win can lead to another as winning symbols disappear and new ones drop down, potentially creating a chain of wins from a single spin.


Reactoonz 2 does not state its max win, but the highest paying symbol is 500x your total stake when matching 15 or more symbols. This significant payout is achieved through combinations of the game features and multipliers.


There are a plethora of symbols in Reactoonz 2 Slot, starting with the eight paying icons recognizable from the first Reactoonz slot. They’re all aliens, and although all of them look fairly similar, the high-paying ones have two eyes, while lower-paying aliens only have one eye.

In the upper right-hand corner is the Fluctometer. The meter picks one random low-paying symbol with each new spin, and winning clusters of this fluctuating symbol fill the Fluctometer.

When filled and no more wins are created on the grid, the meter will deplete itself while adding 1-3 Electric Wilds.

There are four different wilds in the Reactoonz slot.

  • Uncharged Wild
  • Electric Wild
  • Energoon Wild
  • Gargantoon Wild

Special Features

The Reactoonz slot game comes with 4 bonus features:

  • Cascading feature

When you get a winning combination (of 5 or more matching symbols landing a cluster), the Cascading bonus feature is triggered. Winning symbols are removed from the grid when new symbols replace them. This allows for consecutive wins. The cascades continue until no more new wins are created.

  • Fluctometer feature

The Fluctometer appears in the top right of the grid. It chooses a Lil’ Goon symbol to be the fluctuating symbol on every spin. If fluctuating symbols form a winning cluster, a single electric wild is created randomly on any vacated position. When that fluctuating symbol is removed from the grid, the Fluctometer is charged.

  • Quantumeter feature

The Quantumeter is what is used to summon the Energoon, and Gargantoon wilds onto the grid. When an electric field is part of a cluster or zaps any Reactoonz on the grid, it charges the Quantumeter. Every symbol represents 1 charge.

Non-wild symbols are removed by an electric wild charge in the Quantumeter.

  • Wild Pair Explosion feature

If 2 or more electric wilds remain on the grid after the above happens, the Wild Pair Explosion feature is triggered.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Reactoonz 2 Slot Machine


There’s a 5,083x maximum win.

The game might take you some time to understand.

There’s a 5,083x maximum win.


It has appealing bonus features.


It comes with great sounds and visuals.


Strategies for Winning at Reactoonz 2 Slot Game

Strategies for Winning at Reactoonz 2 Slot Game

There are a few strategies you can use to win on most slot games that also apply here with Reactoonz slot machine 2.

  • Levels Betting: This strategy uses steps to determine the size of the bet. You start by setting the size of a bet unit. This should be around 1% of your available bankroll for the session. You start by betting one unit, and you increase the level after five consecutive losses.
  • Fixed Percentage Betting: This strategy requires players to be more involved with every win, so having a calculator close by is recommended. Instead of changing the size of the bet based on won or lost rounds, the system has a fixed bet determined as a percentage of the available balance. Using 5% can be convenient, but we prefer staying safe and only betting 3%.
  • Martingale Betting System (with a limit): With this betting strategy, you double the bet after each loss and then reset the stake after a win. We only recommend going up to 16 times the original bet to avoid reaching an unaffordable stake. After a winning round, you should reset the bet to the starting amount.

High Volatility vs. Low Volatility

Reactoonz 2, known for its high volatility, offers a better gaming experience compared to low-volatility slots. Differences between high and low volatility slots:

High Volatility SlotLow Volatility Slot

These games appeal to those who enjoy the thrill of chasing big wins. Patience and a larger bankroll are typically required, as winning combinations may not appear as often.

Players see returns more often, which can help sustain the bankroll and extend playtime.

The anticipation of a significant payout adds excitement to the gaming experience, making every spin potentially game-changing.

These games are ideal for beginners or those looking to enjoy a longer gameplay session without a large financial commitment.

High volatility popular slots are generally better suited for players familiar with slot strategies and can manage their bankrolls effectively.

With winnings occurring regularly, low volatility online slots provide a steady stream of entertainment without the intense ups and downs.

Mobile Compatibility

Since the game is created by Play ‘n GO slot, you can play Reactoonz 2 Slot on all devices, including mobiles and tablets. The 7×7 grid format lends itself well to mobile play, with the high-definition graphics and animations crystal clear on smaller screens.

Key Game Features of Reactoonz 2 Slot

The Reactoonz 2 features a space theme and a 7×7 grid, with symbols representing the original characters from the Reactoonz 2 slot free play. The highest paying symbol is the pink Reactoonz character, with 15+ landing in a cluster awarding 500x your stake.

ThemeSpace, based on energetic extraterrestrials

Grid Layout


Types of Reactoonz

4 small Reactoonz, 4 big Reactoonz

Highest Paying Symbol

Pink Reactoonz character



Max bet


Min bet


Payout for Top Symbol

500x the total stake for a cluster of 15 or more


Play ‘n GO


Play’n Go gives us a sequel that keeps pace and delivers a great gaming experience. If you have played the previous version, you will love this one. And if you haven’t played the first one before, you will still love this. The game grid is filled with fantastic colours, and by successfully charging the various meters, you can prepare for a real ride. Using the cascading feature, it will rain new symbols. So, get ready and make sure you bring an umbrella because it’s cloudy and there is a big chance of a Reactoonz 2 slot machine.


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What is the RTP of the Reactoonz 2 Slot Machine?

The Reactoonz 2 RTP is 96.2%. This number is standard for a Play ‘n GO release, slightly above the slot average. The variance is in the medium to high category.

Can I play Reactoonz 2 for free?

Yes, you can play the demo version for free. This will help you get to grips with the cluster mechanic and the bonus features.

How to Win on the Reactoonz 2 Slot Machine?

You win by getting 5 identical Reactoonz in a cluster of different shapes. They should be vertically or horizontally adjacent, but they cannot be diagonal.

Can I trust Reactoonz 2?

Yes, you can. It is legit and safe.

What features does the Reactoonz 2 Slot Machine have?

Game has 4 types of wilds: Electric, Uncharged, Energoon, and Gargatoon. Each with unique features and winning chances based on Fluctometer and Quantumeter fill.

Can I play the Reactoonz 2 slot on mobile?

Created using HTML5 technology, Reactoonz 2 can be played on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices. The 7×7 grid format works very well on smartphone devices.

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