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Terms of Use

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Access to the Site

You must be at least 18 years old to gain access to this site. The use of this site is subject to the following requirements:

  • You must not rent, lease, sell, transfer, assign, host, distribute, or otherwise commercially exploit this website.
  • You must not change the works of any part of this website. Besides this, you must reverse engineer any component of this website.
  • Your access to this website must not be focused on creating a competitive or similar website.

The Condition of Use

You must not copy, reproduce, download, republish, or display any part of this website if not explicitly stated. It must not be transmitted in any form or by any means.

Privacy Policy

We appreciate the importance of privacy for all our users. We aim to make the most of our transparency to build trust with our customers. For this reason, we prioritize this in what we do. We have set aside important policies that dictate how we use and protect your data.

We make your privacy a priority. With this in mind, we value the security of your data and privacy. We make use of top security technologies to promote the level of trust we have with our users. There are many security features in place that can promote the protection of your data.

Our Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption is one important measure we install to boost your security. We employ this top feature to shield you from the illicit activities of bad actors. Besides, we also use Two-factor authentication. It supports the use of short-term codes and long-term passwords. By making use of this technology, we can significantly reduce – or completely eliminate – any form of breaches that are associated with compromised passwords.

We also make certain changes to our privacy policies occasionally. It is done to ensure that we remain compliant with the laws governing data protection. You will find all these in our terms and conditions pages. Any changes are focused on removing and correcting any incomplete or inaccurate information. We do this once we know those errors exist on our page.

Third-Party Content and Other Users

You may find links to third-party websites, resources, and services on this site. The platform may also display advertisements for third parties. It is worth noting that these third-party links & ads are not controlled by this company. For this reason, the company has no responsibility for any third-party links & ads. Access to these third-party links & ads is only provided to our customers as a convenience. The site does not approve, review, or endorse these third-party resources, links, or ads.

The users of this site are solely responsible for their user content. Since we have no control over user content, you agree that we have no responsibility for any content users are exposed to. This is true whether the content is provided by you or others. It implies that the company cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss caused by any of these interactions. If any dispute arises between you and any other users on the site, we have no obligation to get involved.

Intellectual Property

All components, contents, and parts of this site belong to EzCasino. You must not copy, reproduce, download, republish, or display any part of this website. It must not be transmitted in any form or by any means.

Limitation on Liability

As allowed by the law, under no circumstances must ABC or its partners be responsible for any loss incurred directly or incidentally by you or any third party. Terms and conditions have been provided to explain how every part of the company works. The use of this site is at the discretion and risk of every user. You are solely responsible for any damage your device may suffer and any loss of data.

The company is not responsible in any way for what the user does with the detailed information provided on this site. Users are responsible for their actions and how they use information on this site, regardless of whether or not the user remains compliant with the terms and conditions provided.

Promotions & Bonuses

Bonuses and promotional offers are provided on this site and their use is governed by the terms and conditions provided on this site. The company is not responsible for any loss or inconvenience associated with using bonuses and other promotional offers on this site.

The ease of use of these bonuses depends on the terms and conditions that govern them. The company is not accountable for the users’ interpretation of these bonuses, and their terms and conditions. The company cannot be held accountable for how a user uses casino bonuses.

Disclaimer and Liability

The company and its partners explicitly and expressly disclaim all conditions regarding the accuracy and use of the content on this site. The company does not guarantee that the site will satisfy all your requirements. The company also provides NO assurance that information will be available uninterrupted, secure, and timely.

Contact Information

If you wish to learn more about our various products and services, peruse the relevant pages on our website. Do you wish to reach out to us? Go through our contact pages to learn more.


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