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Privacy is important for our users. We support and understand it. Through our transparency, we will keep building trust with our customers. As a result, it has been a priority in our business. We appreciate your privacy, and there are policies that guide the way we gather, protect, and use your data according to the law.

How We Collect Information?

We hold much data from users who visit and set up accounts on our website. We need to identify who you are as we gather your details. Many reasons are behind the collection of your data. Some of these are introduced as follows:

  1. To enhance our products and services while tailoring them to satisfy your needs.
  2. To acquaint ourselves with your various needs anytime you visit our website. 
  3. We can also send you promotional emails for our various services. You will find many of these to be quite interesting.
  4. We also wish to contact you for any future opportunities.
  5. To send you promotional emails for any service we provide that you can find to be interesting.
  6. We can also keep track of any trends related to our platform.
  7. We wish to boost our lead generation.
  8. To acquaint ourselves with the various needs of the market as we customize our website based on your behaviour on the internet, and your personal preferences.

You also need to know the kind of data we gather. The different kinds of information can be demographic, personal, or behavioural. We collect them to communicate, understand, and engage with you better. As we strive to serve our users better, we gather the following data.

Personal Data

The personal data we collect include gender, name, email address, and more. The personal data we gather is tailored towards classifying the users, depending on different demographics and other factors. Besides this, the personal information we demand can also help us assess specific segments of our customers, which relates to certain ads. We can also understand all there is to do to meet our target audience’s needs.

Usage Data

We value the interactions we have with our various users. For this reason, we record these interactions to build the right customer profile. We also take note of all the activities of users on our site. This profile we build ensures that we can determine the content they want to interact with.

How Do We Share Data Gathered?

We always strive to improve the quality of products and services we provide to improve our users’ experience anytime they spend time on our website. We share customer relationship management data with reputable advertising agencies, research firms, and data aggregators. It will help us conduct comprehensive research into the market while probing into market trends to help deliver value to our users.

How Long We Store Personal Data?

Until the purpose is fulfilled, the data we record remains stored. As a result, we value our user data, and under certain terms and conditions in our certain policy, we store data until the purpose of the storage has been fulfilled. All our actions comply with specific applicable laws. Our data storage is done as long as it is required. At the same time, we use gathered information to boost the quality of service we provide.

We Protect Your Privacy

The protection of our privacy is a priority for us. As a result, we value the security of your data and privacy. We adopt various technologies to promote the level of trust we have with our users. There are many security features in place that can promote the protection of your data.

Our Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption will enhance your security. It is a top feature that we employ to shield you from the illicit activities of bad actors. Many data protection concerns and vulnerabilities are tackled with encryption to help boost the assurance our customers can enjoy. Our encryption ensures that any sensitive data is safely rendered inaccessible to unauthorized third parties.

Besides, we also use Two-factor authentication. It supports short-term codes and long-term passwords. By making use of this technology, we can significantly reduce – or completely eliminate – any form of breaches that are associated with compromised passwords.

Furthermore, our integrated malware protection acts as a form of firewall, which has been safely integrated into our existing software. With this, our users can rely on the extra layer of security this offers.

Changes to Our Privacy Policy

Certain changes are made to our privacy policies occasionally. We do so to ensure that we stay compliant with the necessary laws associated with data protection. All these are present in our terms and conditions pages. Moreover, we focus on removing and correcting any inaccurate or incomplete information. We do this once we know those errors exist on our page.

As we update our privacy, we ensure that our users stay informed on how we collect, use, and store their information. We review our privacy policy as often as possible. Anytime we introduce a new product or service, we also make all relevant changes to our privacy policy. It highlights how transparent we are as we prioritize users’ needs.

We urge our customers to go through our page to see all the changes made to our privacy policy as we try to improve the quality of our service. 

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