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Internet gambling in India is state-based. While some states legalize participation in lotteries by its residents, others prohibit it. One of the states where you can freely participate in lotteries without the fear of facing legitimate sanctions is Bihar.

Bihar online lottery allows you to join foreign lottery platforms that offer exciting games and juicy prizes. Therefore, this guide will provide you with the essential info you need to know about Bihar state lottery laws and how to find the best platforms for the lottery; read further.

Overview of Bihar State Lottery

Overview of Bihar State Lottery

According to the Indian Public Gambling Act of 1867, the federal government gave states the autonomy to formulate their gambling laws. Gambling laws in India vary based on the state. Due to this, only 13 states legalized the lottery, and Bihar is not one of them.

Bihar is one of the Indian states that frown at running lotteries. Hence, there are no lotteries licensed by the govt in Bihar. According to Bihar Act 13, the lottery is illegal to prevent residents from gambling risks. Therefore, there are no agents or distributors of tickets within Bihar.

In addition, activities such as production, sales, or advertisement of Bihar online lottery legal materials by any individual, agent, or company are illegal. Participation in such acts attracts fines or imprisonment. Notwithstanding, there are no laws prohibiting international lottery sites. Therefore, no one can prosecute you for participating in the Bihar lottery online at foreign platforms.

Bihar Lottery Laws

Bihar Lottery Laws

Since each state determines lottery laws in India, Bihar has lottery laws for its jurisdictions, and this may vary from other states. Therefore, check these laws to avoid going against them. Due to the flexibility of Indian federal law on gambling, there are major differences in Bihar state lottery laws.

It is very important to know the laws of India and play only in state lotteries. According to ENV Media’s research:

” Monitoring and control challenges are illustrated by the West Bengal and Kerala cases. Both states allow only paper lotteries. Their tickets are regularly smuggled over to other states, many of which do not have or allow a legal Government lottery – e.g. Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Jharkhand or Bihar.”


Bihar completely prohibits any form of lottery activities within its jurisdiction. As a result, you cannot find or participate in gambling acts in Bihar state. Nonetheless, since the Public Gambling Act of 1867 only covers physical gambling, the online gambling environment is safe for Bihar residents.

India’s federal law on gambling does not have a standpoint on lottery activities. You can engage in the Bihar lottery by joining international lottery sites using your devices and not face any legitimate penalty. However, you must ensure you select licensed and safe foreign gambling to have the best gambling experience. Also, you must be up to the legal age (18) requirement to buy and play Bihar lottery tickets online.


The law governing the Bihar lottery is strict. According to the Bihar Ban on Lottery Act 1993, this state completely bans all lotto activities, including national lotteries. Hence, participating in any form of physical lottery in Bihar is illegal. Also, the state lotto law prohibits engagements in casino games, including local titles like Andar Bahar.

Going against Bihar lottery laws comes with legal sanctions such as fines up to ₨ 10,000, imprisonment up to 2 years, or both. Therefore, the best way to gamble in Bihar without breaking the law is to join licensed international lotteries.

Play Bihar Lottery Online

Play Bihar Lottery Online

To play the Bihar lottery online, there are some crucial steps and rules you must understand. See below for a step-by-step guide for a hassle-free process.

  1. Select a Licensed Lottery Site: There are numerous international lottery sites available. Hence, when you want to participate in the Bihar lottery, choose trusted and reliable sites. Look out for sites that are approved by reputable online gambling authorities. Such sites give a guarantee of a fair Bihar lottery result.
  2. Sign up on the Site: The next step is to create an account on the lottery site. The account registration process requires you to provide personal information and verify your identity.
  3. Choose your Favorite Lottery Game: Once you have completed the accounting process, you can explore the lotto game collection and pick your favourite.
  4. Make your Prediction: You can make your lucky numbers selection by picking it manually or using the automatic random number selection option.
  5. Buy Lottery Ticket: To purchase a Bihar lottery ticket, navigate the site’s payment section and choose the payment method. Choose your desired entries for the ticket to make the purchase.
  6. Wait for the Lottery Draw: Wait for the draw set date. If your prediction matches the winning ticket numbers combination, you can claim your winnings.

Follow all the steps above to engage in the Bihar lottery today, and you can be the next lucky winner from the comfort of your home.

Bihar Lottery Rules

In addition to the guide to playing the Bihar lottery online, you must understand some sets of straightforward rules. See below.

  • You must purchase a valid Bihar lottery ticket and select your desired lucky numbers
  • Your selected numbers must match the winning numbers combination to win
  • Each Sikkim lottery game has varying prizes and payouts
  • You must be up to the legal age (18) to engage in the Bihar lottery

Note: Compliance with all these rules gives you a high chance of winning great prizes in the Bihar lottery online.

How to Check Bihar Lottery Results?

How to Check Bihar Lottery Results?

The steps to follow to check a Bihar lottery ticket result are pretty easy. Check below.

  1. Log into your chosen international lottery site account
  2. Navigate the lottery Sambad result page
  3. Fill in your lucky numbers in the specified field
  4. Select the draw day
  5. Press the check button to see if your numbers match the winning combination

Some international lottery sites will send you notifications when you win. However, if you miss the lottery Sambad results notification, you can follow the steps above to check your Bihar lottery result today.

How to Purchase Bihar Lottery Ticket?

How to Purchase Bihar Lottery Ticket?

Unlike other Indian states, with the exception of gov lotteries, Bihar lacks a native Dear lottery Sambad. Hence, this means you cannot buy a paper ticket in Bihar. The only available option is to buy tickets from foreign platforms.

There are several Bihar lottery tickets online. However, you must ensure you purchase at the best sites to have your wins secure. Therefore, follow the steps below for easy lottery ticket purchase.

  • Select a safe Bihar lottery online site
  • Create an account on the site
  • Select your desired Bihar lottery game
  • Choose your lucky numbers, and the draw day
  • Buy the Bihar lottery ticket by making payment using the acceptable methods by the site
  • Check your email for the ticket purchase confirmation. You will find a scanned copy of the lottery ticket containing your bet details.

Best Sites of Bihar Lottery Online

Best Sites of Bihar Lottery Online

There are several international sites where you can participate in the Bihar lottery online. To help you find some of the best sites, we have reviewed and recommended some sites below.


Lottoland is a popular Bihar lottery online site launched in 2013 by EU Lotto Limited, a gambling company licensed by the Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Commission (GBGC). This lottery site provides Bihar residents with the opportunity to purchase more than 25 foreign tickets, such as Powerball, Euromillions, EuroJackpot, and many more. Impressively, Lottoland also offers Indian payment methods such as UPI and Skrill to enable players to deposit and withdraw funds conveniently using Rupees.

In addition, Lottoland’s interface is player-friendly, as you can easily navigate the West Bengal state lottery offers and other features available on the site. More so, the game selection on the site is impressive. You can find several varieties of Bihar lottery games, including sports betting, casino games, and scratchcard options.

Lottoland also offers players a loyalty program known as Lottoland Club. This program rewards regular players with exclusive benefits. Additionally, the website offers its services in Hindi. Therefore, you have the assurance of enjoying a hassle-free experience when checking your Bihar lottery result.


Availability of over 25 international lottery games

Not compatible with Apple devices

Supports Indian Rupees payments

Delay in live chat support

Offer site services in the Hindi language


It is reputable and licensed


Generous welcome bonus



TheLotter is another trusted site where you can access the Nagaland state lottery Sambad. It was introduced by Lotto Direct Limited in 2002, and it was approved by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). This website offers more than 45 interesting lottery games to Bihar lottery live enthusiasts. Some of the games available on this site include Powerball, EuroJackpot, Superstar, EuroMillions, and Mega Millions, among many others.

TheLotter is fully optimized for Android and iOS devices. Hence, you can easily access the site from the comfort of your home. Also, the website’s interface is user-friendly and intuitive, thereby enhancing your experience on the site. Although there is no welcome bonus on the site, there are several lottery promotions you can maximize to improve your odds of winning.

Bihar state lottery lovers who want to join TheLotter can do that easily, as the sign-up process is pretty simple and fast. There is also a mobile app for easy access to the lottery games available on the site. More so, you deposit funds and withdraw your winnings via several methods such as Visa, MasterCard, and Bank Transfer, among other options. It accepts payment methods; hence, you can make payments using Rupees.

Pros Cons

Offer over 50 lottery games

Lacks VIP program

Intuitive website interface

Limited to lotteries; no other game varieties

Mobile app for Android and Apple devices


Accepts the use of Indian Rupees



Another site where you can participate in the Bihar lottery today is Lottofy. This online site was launched in 2020 by Clobet, an establishment regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). This site allows players to purchase multiple Nagaland state lottery tickets in syndicates. Also, every new player gets free 2 bets when they buy 1 bet.

Lottofy has a great collection of top Sikkim state lottery games from different countries. In addition, there are several jackpot games that can help you land massive wins. Although this site is not exclusively designed for enthusiasts, you can easily buy Bihar lottery tickets. Also, there are multiple payment options on this site to make your deposit and withdrawal fast and secure.

Pros Cons

It is trusted and legitimate

No casino games

Juicy welcome bonus

Inefficient customer support service

Safe and fast payment methods


Optimized for mobile devices and mobile for quick access



Lottosmile is a Bihar lottery online site established in 2002 by Serlo Limited. The website is licensed and registered under the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission. Therefore, this site is legal, and you can trust it for fair lottery gameplay.

Lottosmile has a game library comprising over 50 popular lottery games such as EuroJackpot, US Powerball, EuroMillions, Mega Million, and so on. More so, you can engage in multiple draws, syndicate lotteries, and purchase subscriptions on this site. Also, the site offers only bank transfers and cards as payment options. However, you have nothing to worry about as a Bihar lottery chart lover, as you can make transactions using Rupees.

Furthermore, the customer support section of the site offers an efficient service as the representatives are polite and accessible around the clock. Additionally, you can access Lottosmile on your Android or iOS device via the mobile browser or mobile app.

Pros Cons

Over 50 top lottery games

No casino games

Around-the-clock customer support

Limited payment options

Support payment in Indian Rupees


Offers several juicy promotions



LotteryWorld is a legal and safe Indian lottery Sambad today site offering several foreign games to Bihar lottery punters. This site was launched by Go East B.V., an online gaming company with a Curacao gaming license. Hence, all the lottery Sambad activities on this site are regulated to ensure they comply with good gaming conduct.

LotteryWorld also offers unique Indian lotteries to meet the demands of Indian punters. Additionally, the site offers access to a great selection of real cash casino games. More so, the site offers its services in Hindi to ensure players enjoy convenient gameplay.  You can also make deposits and withdrawals using several methods, including Rupee and Indian banks.

Pros Cons

Affordable Dear lottery ticket prices

Lacks mobile app

It is a licensed and secure platform

Unavailability of syndicate lotteries

Several collections  of lottery games


Convenient payment methods


Offer customer support in Hindi



LottoAgent is a national lottery site established in 2012 with a Curacao Government license. Also, the LottoAgent platform uses 256-bit SSL encryption and PCI DSS to ensure players’ info is protected. This site offers Indian players access to top lotteries like EuroJackpots and US Powerball. Therefore, you have the assurance of safe Bihar lottery online gaming from the comfort of your LottoAgent.

In addition, you can access several casino games on the website from top software providers. Some of these games include blackjack, roulette, live casino games, keno, and table games. The LottoAgent customer support team is highly knowledgeable and has vast experience in the lottery. You can trust them with any of your queries for a seamless experience.

Pros Cons

40+ lottery games

Not available in some countries

Responsive customer support

Fee on withdrawals

Quick deposit and withdrawal


Several promotional offers


Best Bihar Lottery Online Bonuses and Promotions


6 welcome bonuses of free money for ticket purchase, free lottery tickets, free spins, bonus money for slots, and free lotto scratchcard


Varieties of lottery promotions


370% bonus up to ₨ 44,000




4 Lotto India tickets for ₨ 80


1 free entry to any lottery

Bihar Lottery Online Games

Bihar Lottery Online Games

Online lottery site offers several Bihar lottery games to provide players with an enjoyable experience. See below for some of the popular online lotteries in Bihar.

  1. US Powerball: US Powerball is a popular international lottery accessible to Bihar lottery punters. This US Powerball is well-liked among players due to its jackpot features. From our findings, you need a minimum of ₨ 300 to purchase the ticket. This game offers at least ₨ 287 Crores jackpot to players.
  2. Euro Millions: Euro Millions is another top game in the Bihar lottery today. This European lottery also offers players a jackpot of ₨ 139 Crores. It is common among Indian punters due to its low ticket cost.
  3. Mega Millions: Mega Millions is also a Bihar lottery online from the USA. This game shares similarities with Powerball as they both have the same jackpot prize and ticket price. Impressively, this lottery jackpot is progressive as it increases until it is won.
Bihar Online Lottery GamesMinimum Ticket pricesJackpot Prizes

US Powerball

₨ 300

₨287 Crores


₨ 240 – ₨ 300

₨139 Crores

Mega Millions

₨ 300

₨287 Crores


₨ 160

₨16.8 Crores


₨ 160

₨81 Crores

UK Lotto

₨ 270

₨20 Crores

Oz Lotto

₨ 125

₨10 Crores


₨ 120

₨2.8 Crores

La Primitiva

₨ 100

₨25.1 Crores


₨ 50

₨3.3 Crores

How to Learn the Lottery Games in Bihar?

How to Learn the Lottery Games in Bihar?

Learning the lottery games in Bihar can be straightforward and engaging if you approach it methodically. The key is to understand the rules, develop strategies, and stay informed about the games. Here’s a simple guide to help you get started:

  1. Understand the Basics: Firstly, it’s crucial to grasp the fundamental concept of lottery. A lottery is a form of gambling where people buy tickets, and winners are drawn randomly. Each game has its own set of rules, which you should understand thoroughly before participating.
  2. Purchase Tickets Responsibly: Once you’ve chosen a game, the next step is to buy a ticket. Ensure that you purchase tickets from authorized dealers only. It’s important to play online responsibly, so set a budget for how much you will spend on tickets and stick to it.
  3. Check the Results: After the draw, the Sikkim state lottery result will be announced. You can check the results on the internet, in newspapers, or at the store where you purchased your ticket.
  4. Claim Your Prize: If you win, ensure you follow the correct procedure to claim your award. There are usually specific timeframes and processes for claiming winnings, so be informed about these rules.

Legal Status of Bihar Lottery

Under the Bihar Act 13 of 1993, the state prohibits any form of Sambad lottery activities in its jurisdiction. This means Bihar residents cannot engage in physical lotteries, and the sale of lottery materials is also illegal. However, Bihar gambling law does not address international lotteries.

As a result, Bihar lottery lovers can join international lotto sites to participate in online lotteries. Foreign lottery platforms are not subject to Indian gambling laws; hence, you are free to enjoy lotteries on any of the sites.

The Bottom Line on Bihar Lottery

As of the time of this writing, Bihar lottery law prohibits participation in lottery activities. Hence, the only way out to enjoy games in Bihar is to opt for lotteries. There are several international sites you can join to access top lotto games. Make sure you select sites that are secure and licensed by reputable regulatory bodies to have the best lottery experience.


Is lottery legal in Bihar?

No. The Lottery is illegal in Bihar. Nevertheless, since the state lottery law does not address foreign site online lotteries, you can freely join.

Are Bihar Lottery winnings taxable?

Yes. Lottery winnings are taxed in India. However, since Bihar prohibits lottery, it is not applicable.

How can I check the Bihar Lottery results?

Bihar does not have a physical lottery. As for online lotteries, you can check the lottery results online on the site where you played.

How do I claim my Bihar Lottery prize?

Usually, state lotto winnings are collected from the vendor that sold the ticket or the gov directly. Since Bihar lacks a state lottery, you can only collect lotto winnings on the site you played.

How to play the Bihar Lottery?

There is nothing like the state lottery in Bihar. Notwithstanding, you can play online lotteries by signing up on international websites. Check above for a well-detailed guide.

How to Win at Bihar Lottery Online?

You need to purchase a lottery ticket, and your lucky numbers must be the same as the draw’s winning numbers.

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