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Delhi lottery is not accessible to its residents as the state prohibits the creation of a state lotto within its jurisdiction. Delhi is one of the states that ban physical lotteries. Therefore, you cannot participate in lotto activities if you are a lotto enthusiast in Delhi.

Notwithstanding, the prohibition of gov lottery in Delhi does not mean you cannot participate in the Delhi lottery online. You can easily do this by joining an international lottery site. Hence, we have created this guide to help you find the best online lottery platform; read more.

Overview of Delhi State Lottery

Overview of Delhi State Lottery

Delhi state lottery is something you cannot find if you are a lotto lover. The Indian state prohibits buying, selling, distributing, or engaging in physical lotteries. Therefore, mortar-and-brick lotto houses or draw events are illegal in the state. As a result, anyone caught participating in lottery activities will face legitimate penalties such as imprisonment or fines.

In addition, Delhi is not a member of the Indian states that legalize lottery based on the Lottery Regulation Act of 1998. As a result, printing paper tickets or creating a lotto department is impossible in Delhi. Therefore, there is nothing like the Delhi lottery, whether physical or online.

However, Delhi’s law on gambling does not affect your participation in international lottery sites. Therefore, all you need to do as a Delhi India lottery enthusiast is to ensure you look out for a safe and licensed lottery site. Once you do this, you can access several lottery draws without the fear of legit sanctions.

Delhi Lottery Laws

Delhi Lottery Laws

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” Significant areas of India without access to legal state-run lotteries tend to seek alternatives, either online or on the black market.”

Before you move on the Delhi state lottery, you must understand the laws guiding lottery activities in the state to prevent costly mistakes. Hence, we have provided essential insight into Delhi lotto laws to help our readers. Check below.


According to the Delhi Public Gambling Act of 1995, the Delhi state lottery law restricts the provision and participation of physical lotteries. Nevertheless, there is no law prohibiting Delhi residents from engaging in lottos. Hence, you can join any legitimate global sites of your choice to play lotto games from Delhi.


India Lotteries Regulation Act 1998 reveals that state law bans all forms of physical gambling activities with the exception of the lotto. Therefore, it is legit to play the offline Delhi lottery. However, the Delhi gov has yet to implement this law in its jurisdiction. As a result, the state lacks a national lotto. Also, you cannot find lottos organized by the Delhi gov. Hence, it is impossible to play the Delhi lottery game offline.

Play Delhi Lottery Online 2024

Play Delhi Lottery Online 2024

If you are a Delhi resident wondering how to participate in the Delhi lottery online, you have come to the right place. The process of playing the lottery online is straightforward and requires no skill. You can follow the simple steps below once you have a functioning mobile and a good internet connection.

  1. Select an Online Lottery Site: In recent times, there have been several international sites that you can use to participate in the Delhi lottery online. However, to have the best experience, ensure you select a reliable and legitimate site.
  2. Create an Account: Fill in the necessary information required to sign up on the site. After that, you will also be required to verify your identity to complete the account creation process.
  3. Choose your Lucky Numbers: Go to the site’s game panel to select your desired Delhi lottery game. After that, pick your lucky number combination. Some sites offer an automatic selection option to help you pick the number randomly.
  4. Buy Online Lottery Tickets: To buy a Delhi lottery ticket, add the ticket to your cart and navigate the payment section to choose your preferred method.
  5. Confirm the Ticket Details: After you have made payment for the ticket, you will get an email notification containing your lottery ticket information. Verify the ticket to ensure the lucky numbers tally with what you selected.
  6. Wait for the Draw Day: You will get your Delhi lottery result on the draw day. Most sites send the result notification to your email. You can be a lucky winner when your lucky numbers match the combination of the winning numbers.

How to Check Delhi Lottery Results?

How to Check Delhi Lottery Results?

After playing the Delhi lottery online, you can check the lottery results by following the steps provided below.

  • Log into your online lottery site account
  • Go to the lottery page and navigate to the ‘Results’ section
  • Enter your lucky numbers, and the draw day
  • Click the ‘Check’ button to display your Delhi lottery result

How to Purchase Delhi Lottery Ticket?

How to Purchase Delhi Lottery Ticket?

Buying a Delhi lottery ticket online is such a simple process once you have joined a reputable international lottery site and your mobile device has a good internet connection. Follow the step-by-step guide below to buy online lottery tickets for the Delhi lottery today.

  • Sign into the online site you have chosen for your Delhi lottery
  • Go to the lottery page and select your desired lottery game
  • Click on the game to display the lottery ticket
  • Select the numbers on the ticket based on your chosen lottery
  • Pick the draw day
  • Add the Delhi lottery ticket to the cart to make the payment
  • Select the payment method accepted by the site and enter the details to purchase online lottery
  • The lottery site will send a confirmation message to your email

Best Sites of Delhi Lottery Online

Best Sites of Delhi Lottery Online

There are several Delhi lottery online sites offering a wide variety of international lottery games and amazing bonuses. To give our readers the best, we have assessed these sites to ensure we recommend top and trusted platforms with the best Delhi state lottery; see below.


Lottoland is a top Delhi lottery online site that is well-liked among Indian players. This site is unique for its player-friendly interface that makes it easy for users to enjoy quick navigation regardless of the gameplay skill level. Also, Lottoland holds a license of approval from a top online gaming regulatory body; the Gibraltar Gaming Commission.

In addition, the site’s game library houses a wide range of top lotto games to ensure every player finds something that interests them. More so, Lottoland ensures Delhi lottery game lovers enjoy a smooth transaction process by accepting the Indian Rupee payment method. Impressively, the lotto site also offers its services in multiple languages, including Hindi, to ensure a seamless experience of lotto gaming on the site.

Pros Cons

A wide variety of lottery games

Lacks mobile app for iOS devices

Features top lottery syndicate options

Unavailability of live chat support

It is reliable and legitimate


Offers casino games


Supports Indian Rupees



One of the best decisions you can make is to join TheLotter site for the Delhi lottery. This website is approved by the reputable Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). Therefore, TheLotter is one of the best sites to enjoy various lottery games with juicy jackpot prizes.

This Indian lottery site offers over 50 lottery games with amazing jackpot features. Additionally, the site provides players with several bonuses and promotional offers that can help you boost your winning odds. Also, TheLotter provides a secure Delhi lottery online gaming environment to all players. Hence, you should expect a great gaming experience on the site.

More so, the site supports that you play in Indian Rupees to give you a smooth transaction process when purchasing Delhi lottery tickets or withdrawing your wins. Some games you can find on this site include EuroJackpot, US Powerball, UK Lottery, and Mega Millions, among many others. You can play these games easily as the site features a fast load time.

Pros Cons

More than 50 lottery games with jackpot features

Lottery ticket prices are somewhat high

Holds an approval license from the Malta Gaming Authority

No other games than online lotteries

Offer VIP program with discount benefits


Top-notch customer support service


Availability of mobile app for Android and iOS devices



Lottofy is a new Delhi lottery site established by Colbet Limited. Despite its relative newness, this website is approved by the Malta Gaming Authority. Hence, online lottery activities at Lottofy are regulated and monitored to ensure they comply with good conduct and secure players’ safety.

Lottofy’s lottery library focuses on top international lotteries with fantastic jackpot prizes to ensure players enjoy great payouts. These online lotteries include EuroMillions, Mega Millions, Powerball, Mega Sena, and many more. Interestingly, there is a Lottofy mobile app to help you have easy access to the site. You can either go to the Play Store or Apple Store to download the app.

The customer service agents at Lottofy are courteous and highly efficient. They are dedicated to providing answers to your inquiries; hence, you can easily get across to them when you need help. The available support channels include phone calls, live chat, and email.

Pros Cons

Wide selection of international lotteries

Customer support service is not available 24/7

Safe and quick payment methods

Slow load time

Localized games for Delhi lottery players


Efficient customer support representatives


Fully optimized for mobile devices



LottoSmile offers Delhi state lottery enthusiasts a great platform to participate in online lottery games. You can find 40+ global lotteries with great winning prizes on this site. These games include Mega Millions, Powerball, Euro Millions, and many more. More so, this site offers syndicate options for a large number of these games.

LottoSmile is a legitimate website with a license from respectable authorities. More so, the site’s interface is user-friendly while the customer support service is also available in multiple languages. Also, there are several safe and fast payment methods that you can use for deposits and withdrawals. Therefore, you can trust this site for a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Pros Cons

It is reputable and legit

Does not support the use of Indian Rupees

Offers varieties of top lotteries

Not available in some countries

Have a record of winners


Availability of syndicate lotteries



LottoWorld is a global lottery site launched by Go East B.V., a company with a Curacao Government license. Hence, the site is licensed and safe. The lottery site offers Delhi lottery players access to interesting lottery games exclusively designed for Indian players. Interestingly, the site is also accessible in Hindi language. Therefore, the process of joining the LotteryWorld platform is pretty simple and not complicated.

In addition to the lottery games, there are other varieties of casino games available on the site. The LotteryWorld site is compatible with Android and iOS devices. Hence, you can access the site from any location once your device has a good internet connection.

Furthermore, the LotteryWorld site interface is impressive as it features appealing visuals and designs to help users navigate and interact with the website’s content easily. More so, there are varying payment methods on the site to ensure you enjoy convenient and secure deposits and withdrawals. There are also Indian banking options such as Rupay and UPI for easy transactions to Delhi lottery live punters.

Pros Cons

It is exclusively tailored for Indian players

Lack mobile app

Offers regular bonuses and promotions

Limit in customer support service time

Does not charge commission on your Delhi lottery winnings


Highly efficient customer support service



LottoAgent is another go-to international lottery site for Delhi lottery lovers. With more than 20 interesting lottery games accessible on this site, you should expect an enjoyable experience. Also, there are several bonuses and promotions you can maximize to improve your winning chances. Some of the available incentives you can find include welcome bonuses, cashback, promo codes for discounts, and referral bonuses.

Additionally, the LottoAgent platform offers safe Delhi India lottery gaming to players as it is registered with a reputable gaming authority, the Curacao Government. You can also access up to 13 different payment methods to ensure your transactions are secure and smooth. The site’s customer support service is available 24/7 and offered in various languages such as Hindi, English, Portuguese, Spanish, and so on.

Pros Cons

Licensed by the Curacao Government

No mobile app for iOS devices

Wide range of international lotteries

Restricted in many countries

A mobile-friendly and user-friendly website


Several bonuses and discount offers


Syndicate options for top lottery games


Best Delhi Lottery Games

Best Delhi Lottery Games

There are several Delhi lottery games you will find on the best online lottery sites. These lotteries are built for different mobile devices; hence, you can play them from the comfort of your home. Also, the tickets for these games are available online for easy access. Check below for an overview.

  • US Powerball: US Powerball is one of the top lottery games you will find on international lottery This game is popular among Delhi lottery players due to the huge jackpot prizes it offers. You can be a lucky winner if you try it out. Although US Powerball comes in different versions, you can trust the game for a massive winning.
  • EuroJackpot: You can also access the EuroJackpot game as a Delhi lottery punter with the help of Delhi online lottery Eurojackpot weekly draw is accessible every Friday at 23:30 IST. As the name implies, this game offers a massive jackpot prize that has been won by different players. You can be the next lucky winner by trying out the game.
  • Mega Millions: Mega Millions is another top Delhi lottery online game that can land you a great jackpot win with just a ₨300 lottery The draw for this lottery game is available every Wednesday and Saturday. You can win up to ₨150 crore when you play the Mega Millions game. Also, you can land the jackpot-winning prize when your Delhi lottery number matches all the draw numbers.
  • Lotto: Lotto is an interesting lottery game designed for Delhi state lottery Hence, you can purchase this lottery ticket using Indian Rupees. Lotto is such a simple game with easy gameplay mechanics. However, you must sign up for a player account to access this game. Therefore, if you are looking for a Delhi lottery online, Lotto is your perfect option.

Other Delhi state lottery games you can find online include EuroMillions, SuperEnalotto, and Spain La Primitiva. Also, there are Indian games such as Jeeto Lotto, Cricket Lotto, and Gullak Gold.

How to Learn the Lottery Games in Delhi?

How to Learn the Lottery Games in Delhi?

Learning how to effectively participate in lottery games in Delhi involves understanding the game’s mechanics, improving your selection strategies, and managing your finances wisely. Here’s a step-by-step guide to enhance your skills in playing lottery games:

  1. Understand the Odds: Familiarize yourself with the odds of winning for the different games and prize levels. Knowing these can help you set realistic expectations and make informed decisions about which games to play.
  2. Learn from Others: Connect with experienced lottery players. Forums, online communities, and social media groups can be great platforms to exchange tips, experiences, and strategies.
  3. Practice Budgeting: Develop a budget for your lottery expenditures. Stick to it to avoid overspending. Remember, the lottery should be a form of entertainment, not a financial investment.
  4. Analyze Past Results: Some players like to analyze past lottery results to identify patterns or frequently drawn numbers. While the lottery is random, some find this analysis interesting and helpful in choosing their numbers.

Legal Status of Delhi Lottery

According to the Indian Lottery Regulation Act, only 13 states legalize physical lotto activities and Delhi is not part of them. Therefore, you will not find any form of lotto acts in public as it is illegal. Moreover, Delhi is a City Union Territory that is under the Indian central gov. As a result, Delhi cannot formulate a state-base law.

Notwithstanding, since the federal lottery law did not address online lottery, it is the only option for Delhi residents. Therefore, if you are a Delhi lottery lover, joining a lotto site is the only way to avoid breaking the law banning lotteries in Delhi.

The Bottom Line on Delhi Lottery

Summarily, engaging in lotto acts in the public is illegal in Delhi based on the Delhi Public Gambling Act of 1995. Nevertheless, the Indian Federal Lottery Act of 1998 did not address or consider lotto illegal. Therefore, if you are a Delhi lottery enthusiast, you can participate in lotteries freely without the fear of facing legit punishments from the Delhi gov.


Is Lottery Legal in Delhi?

Yes. No section of Delhi lottery law talked about online lottery. Hence, you play online lottery draws freely; just ensure you choose a reliable site.

Are There Any Free Online Lottery Tickets in Delhi?

There is no such thing as free online lottery tickets. All you can find is a bonus, like a free ticket, when you purchase tickets from a lottery site.

Does the Delhi Government Approve Lottery?

No. Delhi is one of the Indian states that ban government lottery. Hence, lottos are illegal in the state.

How do I claim my Delhi Lottery prize?

Delhi lacks a state-run lottery. Therefore, you cannot even participate in a physical lottery within the territory.

Which lottery is best in Delhi?

Delhi does not permit lottery within its jurisdiction. Hence, the best lotteries are online lottery games from global sites.

How to Win at Delhi Lottery Online?

You must buy online lottery tickets, and your lucky numbers must match the combination of the draw’s winning numbers.

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