Online Casino Blacklist: Avoid These Untrustworthy Platforms

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Online Casino Blacklist: Avoid These Untrustworthy Platforms

Siam Malhotra

Editor in Chief

Recently, gamblers have found it challenging to identify legitimate online casino sites from scam online casinos due to the numerous casino options available on the web. As a result, there have been several cases of fraud. Unfortunately, novice and seasoned players have fallen victim to dubious casinos. Hence, to help you avoid scams, we have created this article. Read further to learn all you need to stay safe from scam casinos.


Scam online casinos are the common fraudulent and dubious activities in online gambling. It takes various forms, like shady bonuses, rigged games, rigged hand of dealer, non-existent customer support and changing terms and conditions. As a beginner or an experienced player, you must be aware of these scams and how to identify them.

Nevertheless, players defraud gambling platforms in areas such as bonus abuse, the opening of multiple accounts, chargebacks, and many more. However, our major focus in this article is scams created by casinos. Therefore, with this guide, we aim to explain how scam online casinos work and how to avoid fraudulent activity.

There are enough cases of fraud both ways, but gambling can still be a fun activity if you do it right. After this article, you’ll learn to choose fair platforms and keep your money safe while playing. However, remember that gambling is only an entertainment, not a way to make money. Bret Harte has perfectly stated:

” The only sure thing about luck is that it will change.”

How Do Scam Online Casinos Work?

Scam online casinos have no intention of building a long-lasting relationship with their users. They engage in diverse forms of dubious acts. The table below demonstrates some of the most popular ways to deceive gamblers.

Fraud MethodDescription

Rigged casino games

Casinos with rigged games have rigged RNG software that is responsible for determining the game result. As a result, at the end of the game, these scam casino sites always have an advantage over the gamblers. With the rigged games, regardless of the skill level and luck of the players, they lose money.

Stealing banking details

Scam casinos entice players with amazing bonus deals and small deposits just to get access to their banking details. Once users disclose their credit card information while playing on these casino sites, they steal the details and rob people of their funds.


Scam online casino also steals players’ money when they deposit with Cryptocurrency. These dubious online gambling sites withhold your Cryptocurrency from reflecting on your player account balance since they know Cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible.


A scam casino hacks into players’ detail by sending a malicious link that can install malware on your device. Therefore, watch out for these shady activities when playing at a casino site so as not to fall victim to online casino scams.

Common Scams in Online Casinos

In online gaming, both casino sites and players can be scammed. There are different ways fraudulent activities are carried out in scam online casino. As a player, here are some of the common scams you should watch out for in a rigged casino.

Common Scams in Online Casinos#1

Random Number Generator (RNG) is computer software that produces a random and fair casino game outcome. Scam online casinos tamper with the RNG so that gamblers find it challenging to win. Hence, the RNG is only in favour of the website. These dubious platforms draw players’ attention to playing rigged casino games by offering them a small deposit.

Scam casino sites offer bonus deals too good to be true that will require depositing money. Afterwards, these casinos attach an outrageous wagering requirement that will be difficult to meet. As a result, players will lose the money they deposited while they cannot withdraw their winnings.

Out of all the common fraudulent activities at scam casino sites, this is the hardest to avoid. That is because most casino sites require players to provide their card information during registration or while making deposits. Due to this, dubious platforms find it easy to use this data to rob gamblers. Additionally, scam casinos use these details to commit online gambling fraud with identity of the player or even sell the data to scammers.

This particular scam exists in two forms: a deposit theft or non-payment of winnings. Scam casinos do not reflect the deposit balance of users and then eventually claim players lose money while gambling. On the other hand, dubious sites apply very high rollover conditions to a bonus offer to ensure the gamblers cannot satisfy these requirements so they can confiscate the winnings.

Scam online casinos also hack into players’ personal data by releasing malicious software into their devices when they download the casino mobile app. This malware infects your device and messes with your confidential information. This malicious software grants strangers the opportunity to access your data and threatens to destroy your data or take away your money. That is called ransomware. Additionally, this scam sends you different links, and once you click on them, your data can be tampered with. Be careful of clicking on any strange links, and do not forget to install antivirus programs on your device.

On the other hand, players also scam casino sites in several ways. Here are several ways players scam casinos:

The dubious act happens when players create dozens of casino accounts with fake identities to take more promotional offers and accumulate winnings illegally. This form of scam is called bonus abuse. Fraudulent gamblers use different devices to open multiple profiles to claim welcome offers like free spins or money. This act disadvantages casino sites as it costs them funds, so other legitimate users experience a decreased benefit.

These two fraudulent acts work hand-in-hand. Fraudulent users steal other peoples’ card information and use it to make payments on casino apps since they know such financial transactions do not require a physical card. In some cases, persons whose card details were stolen may not get a refund for their stolen money. In other cases, some people file a charge-back. When there is a chargeback, the online casinos take responsibility for the fraudulent transactions by paying back the scammed people. A casino site can go bankrupt and shut down the business if faced with many chargebacks.

Players scam casino sites by using in-person connections. Usually, in casino games like poker, fraudulent players stay together in a location and sway the result of the game in their favour. At the same time, they use location spoof so they can appear like they are not in the same location. Casino sites should place spoof-resistance intelligence that can help them detect in-player collusion.

Identifying Scam Online Casinos in India

There are ways you can spot online casino blacklist in India. Below are some of the means to identify scam websites.

  1. Read other Players’ Reviews
  2. The fastest way to identify a scam online casino is by checking other players’ testimonials of the casino. Therefore, to spot a dubious casino site, read what other users are saying about the site. From the negative reviews of other players, you can quickly identify scams.

  3. Extremely High Rollover Requirement
  4. A rollover requirement is the number of times a player must wager a bonus before they can withdraw their bonus winnings. Mostly, scam casino sites intentionally apply extremely high wagering requirements, making it difficult for players to cash out their winnings. Usually, wagering requirements are between 30x-40x. Anything higher than this should seem suspicious.

  5. Clicking on Harmful links

You can identify a scam casino when you notice that a website mandates you click on a malicious link to receive a bonus. A phoney casino makes dangerous links compulsory before players can access promotions. Usually, these links aim to steal your financial information. Avoid platforms that exclusively offer bonuses in exchange for clicking links.

Legal Recourse for Scammed Players

Players can get legal help whenever they are scammed by an online casino. One of them is filing a chargeback. When a player notices a fraudulent transaction on their stolen credit cards, they can demand a chargeback. It will help them get a refund for their stolen money.

Furthermore, suppose you have complained to the customer care department, and you are not satisfied with the outcome. In this case, you can also take any scam case to an Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) provider. They are independent bodies that provide solutions to problems. Additionally, you can get in touch with the gaming regulatory authority so they can intervene.

Prevention Tips for Avoiding Scam Online Casinos in India

The following are the tips to avoid online casino blacklist in India.

  1. Research a casino site before joining. Before signing up for an online casino, conduct in-depth research to know what other users are saying about the site. Check the crucial aspects of casinos, such as customer support, payment processing time, and the security level of the website. It will save you from falling victim to scam online casino.
  2. Select licensed casinos. It is another effective tip for avoiding getting scammed. When you select a licensed casino, it gives an assurance of the casino’s legitimacy. More so, such platforms are responsible to reputable gaming authorities, and the casino sites can be sanctioned or even lose their license if they engage in fraudulent activities.
  3. Read the Terms and Conditions. Always read casino sites’ terms and conditions, especially the ones attached to their bonus offers. Beware of gambling platforms with unrealistic and outrageous bonus terms.
  4. Install Antivirus Program. In the case of malicious links or malware, install an antivirus program to protect your device from threats. If you mistakenly click on any malicious links, this antivirus will still safeguard your information.


Scam online casinos exist, but this should not discourage you from playing online. Regardless of the increased danger of online gambling scams associated with playing casino games, you can reduce these dangers by learning the tips to avoid scams even before thinking about playing online. Ensure to put to mind all the tips we have discussed in this content.